Latest techniques available

The doctor readily attends continuing education classes and seminars on the latest developments in dental care. From six-month adult orthodontics to the experiencing the latest equipment and materials on the market, come to Dr. Barnett to optimize your dental experience.

• Financing available

• Most insurance plans accepted

• Emergency dental services available

• Uses the latest oral hygiene techniques

Dr. Barnett is very involved in the community and you can always meet him at local health fairs and events held around the area. He enjoys speaking of his desire to develop a lifetime commitment with his patients to keep their teeth in optimum health and to transform people's smiles from self-conscious to self-confident.

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Exceptional dental care for the entire family

We believe that making your smile the best it can be will go a long way in improving your quality of life. Our exceptional and friendly staff is our greatest asset.

Getting to know Dr. Barnett

Dr. Barnett received his Bachelor's Degree from George Washington University and graduated from New York University's School of Dentistry. After practicing for several years in upstate New York, Dr. Barnett relocated to the Washington, D.C. area to start his practice. He operated for many years in Wheaton, Maryland and then in 1995 he opened the Kensington Dental Care.  

Focused on total patient care

Staying active in the community

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